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Stop asp.net from encoding the source HTML string (mvc raw html)

/// Stops asp.net from encoding the source HTML string.

public static IHtmlString HTMLRaw(string source)
return new HtmlString(source);

call this function whenever you want asp.net NOT to encode the string.

Note: You can use <%= and %> tags to avoid encoding as well.



Professionalism of StackOverFlow so called editors

StackOverFlow has become a popular site over the years. This unfortunately has given wings to their owners and senior members who beleive they have an almighty power to control anything a junior/new member says.


StackOverFlow is utilizing an interesting strategy to maintain their site at ZERO cost. They have introduced a points system according to which people with more points get the almighty power.

And the most stupid thing is that they give “MORE” points when someone “EDIT” or “CRITICIZE” someone else s comment/opinion.

This has made a massive circle of so-called “senior” guys who will find something in a relatively “junior” persons post.

Basically, if you are new to the site, your post will be “EDITED” so many times since you publish it.

Don’t get me wrong this DOES NOT mean that those senior guys give you a solution. Oh No!

All they do is “EDIT” your post!

They will find something, a spelling mistake most of the time.

They are also good at finding a similar post and then criticize your post saying it’s a “DUPLICATE”

The most funny thing is that you cannot even complaint!

Because guess who edit complaint forum? Yeah the SAME SENIOR GUYS :)

read more about my experience below…


It is very unprofessional to go and edit someones’s post unless they have misused the site.

Every time I submit a question, the first thing that happen is some “superior” guy delete a word or two TO GET HIS/HER NAME IN THE POST.


What’s wrong with saying thanks to other professionals for spending their time to consider my matter?

The usual answer for this is that deleting “Hi” and “Thanks” makes the question “Clear”

Seriously? How can deleting most human friendly one or two words from a post and adding a comment to justify that act can make the post “clearer”???

It only makes IT pros look like “geeks” I’m sorry but not all professionals are “geeks” there are people who knows how to have a balanced life.

Perhaps if you guys stop editing others “Thanks” out may be you can have one too.

Many thanks for your time.

p.s. Now, if you can, tell me how my first “Hello” and last “thanks” lines made this post “unclear”?


Thanks again. (“You can chose to be a geek but you were born human” – a quote)

How To Check For Full SubStrings In A Comma Separated String


How to avoid detecting substrings, how to check for perfect substrings, avoid detecting substrings, avoid detecting substrings when checked for substrings.

Today I needed to find if a string is contained within a string.

So I used the most straight forward method (I used SQL but this works for any language)

declare @msgsToSkip varchar(max) = ‘geoLocation,statusUpdateCheck,forceClose’;
declare @msg varchar(max)= ‘statusUpdate’
if(charindex(@msg, @msgsToSkip) > 0)
print ‘found’
print ‘not found’

Problem – as you can see, this code is written to messages with caption as either “geoLocation”, “statusUpdateCheck”, or “forcedClose”

But I also receive a message with caption “statusUpdate” this is different to “statusUpdateCheck” and must be allowed but obviously the code returns true for statusUpdate as it is a substring of statusUpdateCheck.

The Solution,

Simply make each word dirty by adding a character to it. It could be any character as long as you keep the code consistent. In more simple words, simply add a character to the string you are

Looking For and the string you are Searching In.

This is the fixed code

declare @msgsToSkip varchar(max) = ‘geoLocation-,statusUpdateCheck-,forceClose-’; — <– Notice that a ‘-’ is added to make each word dirty
declare @msg varchar(max)= ‘statusUpdate’
if(charindex(@msg + ‘-’, @msgsToSkip) > 0) — <- Notice the + ‘-’
print ‘found’
print ‘not found’

This will not detect statusUpdate as statusUpdateCheck because at the checking time, the code sees statusUpdate as statusUpdate- and it is not a substring of statusUpdateCheck (note that  statusUpdateCheck is now statusUpdateCheck- but it’s the ‘-’ in the statusUpdate that does the trick.)


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