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Quick reference for different SQL Joins

                  source: Visual Representation of SQL Joins from

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C# Reflection Code to Search Objects for Fields Properties and Methods and Get Values

2016-07-06 Code below will search for a given named property, field, or method inside a given object. It will search in below order: Properties Fields Methods It will continue to search until it finds a match that holds or returns (for methods) … Continue reading

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When (or not) to Hyphenate Compound Adjectives

2016-07-06 Use hyphen only when the compound adjective comes before the noun. e.g. 1 – The candidate provided an up-to-date curriculum vitae. 2 – The curriculum vitae provided by the candidate was not up to date. References:

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C# extension method to check if a string matches any string in given list


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Trigger window.resize event via javascript

2016-06-15 Use below code to trigger window.resize event. This can be helpful to refresh some libraries like Chartist.js when a panel  or a div the control is contained in is expanded. P.S. The above method isn’t supported by Internet explorer (failed on … Continue reading

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Preserving milliseconds when passing dates around front end

2016-06-08 Instead of passing the datetime pass the datetime.Ticks which is a (long) numeric value so the complete datetime value will be preserved. Then convert ticks back to datetime in the server (controller \ action method).

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JavaScript Null Coalesce

2016-06-07 Use || similar to ?? in C# example (mvc)

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Congfigure IIS to use later .net frameworks

2016/03/07 When IIS is first installed you will most probably get several errors when trying to launch your website. This is more prevalent when your application needs a .net framework that is higher than the .net framework version supported … Continue reading

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Robert E. Rubin quote

“Some people are more certain of everything than I am of anything.” ― Robert E. Rubin

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Ego is evil

Ego is evil. – Cassian Menol Razeek

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