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ILT – Click-Once Deployment Error – Cannot Publish Because a Project Failed to Build

28-08-2012 Deploying using click-once setup is very easy. If you need a step by step guide to deploy a click-once, I’d recommend this article. Even though it is easy to create a click-once deployment package, the visual studio can face … Continue reading

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ILT – What’s the Common Name for Institutes Similar to Banks that Allow You to Save or Deposit Money?

21-08-2012 Common name for institutes similar to banks or building societies that allow you to save or deposit your money is – Depository Answer : Depository The word Repository is also a good candidate but find out below why it … Continue reading

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ILT – How to Add a Drop Down List (ComboBox) Into an Excel Cell

21-08-2012 How to configure an Excel cell, Excel Cell Range, Excel Column or Excel Row so that each of its cells will allow a user to select a value from a drop down list  (combo box) rather than typing? Steps … Continue reading

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ILT – How to convert string to enum in C#

15-08-2012 How to convert a value to an enum? How to find the matching enum value? Convert object to enum? How to use Enum.Parse method? Solution: Use the Enum.Parse method as shown below to convert your value to the appropriate … Continue reading

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ILT – Easy Method To Manage or Map SQL Server User Access To SQL Server Databases

14-08-2012 How to easily map a SQL Server user to databases? Select the login you want to grant or deny access from the “Logins” sub-folder in the “Security” Folder in the SQL Server Right click on the user and select … Continue reading

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Unable to cast COM object of type error {6D5140C1-7436-11CE-8034-00AA006009FA}

08-08-2012 I got this error today from SQL Server Management Studio. It occurred when I was trying to brows databases by expanding the “Databases” folder in the SQL Server Management Studio navigation tree. Unable to cast COM object of type … Continue reading

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Is Order Of OleDbCommand.Parameters Important

01-08-2012 The order of the parameters collection of an OleDbCommand must match the order to which those parameters appear in the SQL statement. Otherwise the .net framework will try to fill the parameters in your SQL statement according to the … Continue reading

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