How To Temporarily Undo Or Turn Off Auto-Correct In Excel


The auto correct feature can run you mad sometimes. For example, today I had to type EHR in Excel and it kept auto correcting it to HER :(

I did a quick search and following are our options around this:

  • Try Undo-ing (ctrl+z) – this works for earlier versions of excel but not for later versions like 2007
  • Type a space after typing what you want and then undo (ctrl+z) before you leave the cell.
    • You must do this before you press enter, tab, any arrow, or before doing any other thing that would take the focus out of the current cell
    • If you undo (ctrl+z) after going out of that cell then the whole thing you typed will be un-done (deleted).
  • If you need to do this in large scale or can’t have an additional space then you have following two options:
    • Type it in notepad or word pad and copy and paste
    • You can use MS word but then you will have to either keep undo-ing of disable the auto-correct temporarily.


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Auto correct drives me crazy! Massive help!

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