How to get Table Information in SQL Server (Equivalent of Oracle's desc)
01-06-2012 You can use following stored procedures to get table information similar to what you get by calling "Desc" in Oracle. Sp_columns '<TableName>' This will show the list of columns along with other useful information such as: data ...

Quick reference for different SQL Joins
                  source: Visual Representation of SQL Joins from

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ASP.NET - AutoPostBack : What is AutoPostBack and How AutoPostBack Works
2008-12-26 Today I was experimenting on a grid view where I was trying to select multiple rows of the grid view using a check box column. I wrote some code in the CheckedChanged of checkbox but then I found that the code was not executed when the s...

5 Ways to Get Rid of Financial Stress and Optimal Utilization of Money
2008-12-14 With the rise of Global Financial Crisis, Financial stress has become a hot topic in the Internet. Since I am also a victim, I thought to make a small research on this. In this post I am trying my best to explain what I gained during m...

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