Quotes From My Life

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly. – Albert Einstein

  • “Some people are more certain of everything than I am of anything.” ― Robert E. Rubin

  • Ego is evil. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • See the good and go for the best   -  Cassian Menol Razeek

  • The world won't feel when you die, only your family will. Make sure you treat them best while you can. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • A badly placed "please" does more harm than good. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Human brain - the element that brought-out the beauty of the universe before start to destroying it. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Dogs learnt kindness from humans thousands of years ago, then humans evolved. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Experience is the sandpaper that smoothes out personality and education spikes that you gather or inherit. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • If you are not the favourite of a bad manager then may I suggest, Be happy? - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Luck, good or bad is just the Irrational outer peel; take it off to see all Rational seeds that brought luck - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • You broadcast the limit of your capacity in things you make a big deal of - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • When you try to win everything you tend to lose more things because you have blinded your mind -Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Moral Strength is not how hard or fast you can hit but how many hits you can stand - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Learn on any opportunity; teach only on demand. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Nothing is more beautiful than a kind person's heart - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Your healthy time deserves a lot more than lazy life. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Love is all about sacrificing! If you are not ready for it then don’t go for it. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • When you go a mile with confidence, you get more confidence to do the same for 10 miles more! - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Best Management Lessons Can Be Learnt Whilst Working For Worst Managers - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • If you start giving up on yourself, the rest of the world will do the same only faster. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • The power of a minute can only be realised when you are left with just one. - Cassian Menol Razeek .

  • The lonelier you feel; stronger your principles should become to support your dangling mind. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Hire a smart guy or a dumb guy but never ever a dumb one who over estimates himself as he’s smart. He will kill your business faster than you could imagine. – Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Sometimes obstacles on the way creates illusions like you have failed but never give up and reach your destination. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • People love you according to how you treat them at their weakness - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • In any argument there’s always a point to quit. Miss it and you’ll end up making an enemy! - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • If You Keep An Employee Hungry He Will Work Hard For His Hunger But If You Keep Him Happy Then He Will Go The Extra Mile For You. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Hungry Men Work Harder. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • The real winner in any argument is the one who first realizes that no one can win in an argument. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • The combination of the word “SORRY” and POLITENESS creates an amazing potion which can dissolve lots of anger in milliseconds. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • If you sell for a high price, people will think before they buy and if you sell for a low price then they will wonder. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Sometimes, God’s long time plans for us hurts a lot in the short run. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • We humans run so fast to achieve everything prior to the average age; when complete we use all saved years of life to worry about the past. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • If you care about others without thinking about yourself, then God will care about you. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • A successful person only settles down in his or her own coffin. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • A headache is insignificant as long as it’s in another person’s head. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • If you’re blessed with a fast brain, use it happily but don’t expect others to work at your speed nor criticize them even inside your mind - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Growth of personality is often mistaken as loss of humanity. - Cassian Menol Razeek

  • Improve your personality as you grow, but make sure you don’t lose your humanity on the way. - Cassian Menol Razeek

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    thank you for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” by Clive Staples Lewis.

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